At a time when digital media are exploding as a dominant force in society, the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism is uniquely positioned to shape the future of the information age.

We are a remarkable school drawing from the resources of a world-class networked research university, in the heart of the most global city in the United States.

We are a full-service school, bringing together communication, journalism, public diplomacy and public relations under one roof. No other institution combines all of the disciplines, professions and competencies needed to define the ways in which knowledge and information are — and will be — created and shared in a converging media world.

This is the Annenberg Advantage.

Our ambition today is to take the school to even higher levels of excellence. And to make that ambition reality, we are embarking on a $150 million fundraising initiative.

Your gift to USC Annenberg will foster the dialogue, debate and understanding that are essential in a world where what is communicated — and how it is communicated — can trigger major changes for better or worse on a global scale. Your gift to USC Annenberg is an investment in new generations of students and scholars who will continue to explore, teach and invent the digital future.

Join us in expanding the Annenberg Advantage.

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