Naming Opportunities

The future of communication is taking shape at USC Annenberg. Wallis Annenberg Hall, a five-story, 88,000-square-foot building in the heart of the University Park Campus, is designed to connect people, foster creativity and accelerate the school’s path into the future.

Join us in expanding the Annenberg Advantage:

Master Control: The Master Control supports broadcast activities within the Newsroom. ($500,000)

FUNDED!  Assignment Desk: Located in the center of the Newsroom, the Assignment Desk is the heart of the student-driven news outlets and features a circular “Media Halo” enabling students to keep up to date on the latest news. ($500,000)

Student Resource Center: The Student Resource Center functions much like a lending library for broadcast equipment, cameras and other technology tools. ($500,000)

Visitors Center: Overlooking the Newsroom and Childs Way, the Visitors Center is a location where guests and prospective students can learn more about the school. ($500,000)

FUNDED! Student Help Desk: The Student Help Desk provides in-person technology assistance and instruction for students and faculty in a casual, one-on-one environment. ($250,000)

FUNDED! Faculty Lounge: The Faculty Lounge provides an informal environment supporting the development of new ideas and collaborations. ($250,000)

Conference Rooms (2): The Conference Rooms provide spaces for board meetings, conversations about special topics and other smaller-scale gatherings of students, faculty and visitors. ($250,000 and $500,000)

Classrooms (13): Designed to accommodate a variety of instructional and learning styles, the Classrooms can easily be reconfigured as lecture rooms, team-based learning spaces or seminar rooms. Some Classrooms also will be equipped with additional displays students can connect to as they develop media projects and share their work with others. ($250,000 to $350,000)

Forum: The building’s centerpiece, the Forum is a ground-level common area modeled on the ancient Greek assembly places known as agora. Above the Forum, a soaring, skylit atrium joins all four upper levels with elevators, open stairs and connecting bridges. The Forum is the gathering space for the school, hosting activities ranging from lectures to interactive presentations to musical performances. ($10,000,000)

Newsroom: Directly adjacent to the Forum, the two-story professional multimedia Newsroom brings USC Annenberg’s print, broadcast and online student news outlets into one common space for the first time. Windows on the ground floor look out onto Childs Way, enabling passersby to witness our news team in action. ($7,000,000)

Broadcast Studio: The Broadcast Studio features a traditional anchor desk, interview set, interactive displays and a green screen. ($5,000,000)

Faculty Neighborhoods (2): Faculty “Neighborhoods” comprise offices, meeting rooms and open, collaborative spaces designed to encourage faculty interaction and student engagement as well as heads-down work. ($3,000,000)

Open Research Neighborhoods (2): Open Research Neighborhoods are transformative spaces designed to foster innovative faculty research and interdisciplinary collaboration. ($3,000,000)

Media Wall: Situated prominently in the center of the Forum, the four-story Media Wall features five large media screens visible from all of the building’s upper levels. ($2,500,000)

Auditorium: The 160-seat Auditorium accommodates a wide range of lectures, screenings and multimedia presentations. ($2,500,000)

Café: Located near the Forum, the building’s café is configured to encourage interactions among students, faculty and visitors. ($2,000,000)

Courtyard: The Courtyard is an outdoor green space serving both as an informal gathering area and as a setting for receptions and other special events. ($1,000,000)

Laptop Lounge: Located on the third floor, the student Laptop Lounge features workspaces for individuals and groups of varying sizes. Some of these spaces are located within pavilions separated from one another by translucent glass walls that can be used as writeable white boards. ($1,000,000)

Radio Studio: The Radio Studio is a full-service, professional-quality facility for radio production and broadcast. ($1,000,000)

Podcast Studio: The cutting-edge Podcast Studio, equipped for both video and audio streaming, will enable students to produce their own news shows on the fly and publish directly to the Web. ($1,000,000)

Learning and Conference Centers (2): The Learning and Conference Centers consist of flexible lecture areas opening up into a lobby designed to promote informal audience participation. ($1,000,000)

Instructional Media Lab: The Instructional Media Lab is a state-of-the-art training environment where students gain experience with media creation tools and develop essential technology skills. ($1,000,000)

Experiential Learning and Research Environment: The Experiential Learning and Research Environment is a convertible space designed to support a multitude of research projects, focus groups, experimentation and instruction. ($1,000,000)

Technology Hub: The Technology Hub is the digital backbone of the building’s media environment, and the source of all live news publication and broadcast. ($500,000)

Green Room: The Green Room provides a space where presenters can gather before going on stage. ($500,000)